Print ISSN: 1813-0526

Online ISSN: 2220-1270

Keywords : Ion leaching speed

The Effect of Magnetized Water with Certain Intensities on Salts Leaching Efficiency from Agricultural Soils

Marwan Jassim Mohamed AL-Ubaide; Anmar Abdul-Aziz Altalib

Al-Rafidain Engineering Journal (AREJ), 2022, Volume 27, Issue 2, Pages 166-177
DOI: 10.33899/rengj.2022.132898.1159

Two saline soils taken from two sites inside the Mosul city of (mrs1, mrs2), and two types of water, drinking water and well water, were exposed to two magnetic strengths (4000,2000) gauss, and three transparent cylinders with a diameter of 140 mm and a height of 500 mm were used. The leaching process continued until infiltration of 5 liters of water with twice repetition for each condition with stability of soil conditions (moisture, bulk density) and temperature difference in each experiment. The results showed a decrease in the electrical conductivity EC of the soil paste extract, which reached (75.7, 90.5) % for mrs2 soil, which is the most saline for Washing with an intensity of 4000 gauss for (drinking, well) water respectively. The percentage of salts in the leaching water increased, and the distribution and concentration of salts increased with the progression of water in the soil column, in addition to the decrease in the concentrations of salt ions such as sodium and sulfate by increasing Magnetization intensity and less leaching for a longer period of time, especially for well water.