The Genetic Algorithms GAs, which is a powerful procedure of finding the optimum solution for constraints optimization, was used to find the optimum cost of reinforced concrete beams subjected to flexural constraints, with the limitations for section dimensions and steel reinforcement ratio according to the ACICode 2011.
After designing the sections optimally, a non linear analysis was carried out to check the capacity of the designed section, and to find out the effect of the materials properties on the beam's deflection. Eight node degenerated shell elementsare used to represents the beam in the analysis procedure;ten layers were used to represent the concrete through the optimum section and one layer to represent the steel reinforcement.
It was foundfrom the results that the materials properties affect the optimal designed sections in a way that the response of these sections towards strength and deflection, should be taken into consideration through designing the beams, if optimal design is required which was affected by about 5 – 19 %.