The present research deals with preparing (11) samples of composite materials with metal matrix represented by Aluminum alloy (AA3003)cast and particulate reinforced by (SiC) having particlesvolume fractions (5,10,15 Vol.%).The alloy matrix and composite materials were prepared by stir casting method. Stir casting technique wasused to increase the homogeneity distribution of the particles in alloy matrix. Average particlesizesof (75,106,150μm) were used. The aim of this study is to investigate the relationships between ultrasonic attenuation and stirrer speed ,reinforcement contents of SiC reinforced Al-alloy (AA3003)composites .Attenuation (longitudinal and shear)were measuredusing the pulse-echo amplitude technique with normal and angle probes of (45°,60°,and70°) and frequencies of (2 and 4MHz) .The results show an increase in volume fraction of particles causes an increase in attenuation. It was also found, that the ultrasonic attenuation decreases with increasing particle size. It was observed that an increases in stirrer speed, increases in the longitudinal ultrasonic attenuation.