A study was conducted for the purpose of determining the stresses generated on the draw-bar as a result of different types of soil and depth produced during plowing process in two different soils.
Laboratory analysis was conducted for studying the soil analysis in the department of Civil Engineering University of Mosul.
Analysis revealed that there were two different types of soil (clay and mixed). At the same time mechanical properties and basic measurements of draw-bar was carried out. At the same time stress analysis of draw-bar was done using finiteelements program (Ansys releases 14.0 types), to determine the properties during application in different stress analysis parameters where used (x, y, z) and Von
Mises in addition to principal stresses and percentage deviation of the direction of the three axes (x, y, z).
During practical phrase, installation of strain gauges on draw-bar was done , for two types of soil at different depth level factors using three level (40, 45, 50) cm.
The present results revealed that there was a difference in the stress values generated in relation to depth and types of soil.