The Educational Campus in Mosul city is suffering from many problems with its transportation system ,due to lack of planning process and continuing studies either comprehensive one, in addition to the rapid growth of the use of personal vehicles with the decline in public transport services and the lack of any improvements of the road network too. The study aims to find out an equilibrium point of the transportation system at the intersection of the demand curve with supply curve, which represents the cost of services to be subsidized and availability of facilities on the network.
Methodology started with collecting data, which includes statistical information for the community for the purpose of sample size and sampling process. The distributed questionnaire forms that was designed to gather information on trips and the knowledge of the properties of trip characteristics was done. Then cost was found about the demand curve calculated operating costs for vehicles, in addition to the cost time and cost environmental impact. Either curved processing evolved to include the cost of the vehicle and the cost of investment and maintenance, and cost of construction of the road in addition to the time savings .Statisticalanalysis was employed to find the correlation between variables. Linear regression between the independent variables and the dependent variables were identifiedas the most influential independent variables in addition to the best equations and mathematical relationships representative of the cost and demand processing. Research has come to several important conclusions to improve transport with the modes used .The proportion of public transit users are (38 %) compared with the majority of users of taxis by(43%), and finally representing users of the passenger car user about (18%) of the total sample , the representing students ratio (75.8%) of the users of the bus , also obtained data vehicle occupancy according to each mode. The final results show that the equilibrium point for each person is 1.0 $ for PC with average travel time = 35 min, and 0.6 $ for taxi with travel time = 60 min, and 0.32$ for small bus with travel time = 105 min, finally for large bus =0.085 $ with travel time = 75 min.