In this paper, the design of an efficientbio 9/7 filter bank for the discrete wavelet transform(DWT) is proposed. The design starts with the standard design constraints of the lifting scheme architecture. A modification in the resulting 9/7 filter bank coefficients after lifting is made leading to new sets of simple and less-number coefficients for both low-pass and high-pass branches of the direct structure of the DWT filter bank.In order to speed up the operations of the designed filter bank, the need for multipliersis eliminatedby realizing the designed filter coefficients in a multiplier-less manner. That’s each of the existing non-zero coefficient is represented as sum-of-powers-of-two (SOPOT). The complexity of resulting bio 9/7 filter bank structure is the lowestamong other recent issued structures. The performance of resulting structure is then examined objectively by applying three different test images and computing the peak signal-to-noise-ratio (PSNR) values for the reconstructed image.Subjective evaluation of these imagesis also achieved by calculating the average mean opinion score (MOS). Objective and subjective evaluation indicate the eligibility of the designed bio 9/7 DWT filter bank for image processing.