Imaging becomes an advantageous technical tool in the recent decades. It enables many scientists to understand different phenomena. However, there are many high-speed phenomena that cannot be imaged using a commercial non – scientific camerasdue to their low capturing speed compared to the phenomenon's. Such phenomenon, needs high-speed expensive cameras. Some of those phenomena can be monitored if the imaging speed of the current commercial cameras isslightly increased. Consequently, it is possible to increase the speed of the video recording for a commercial cheap camera using crank and piston mechanism. A phenomenon faster than the speed of the current commercial cameras had been created and captured with the aid of the present enhancement. Two casesare compared. In the first case, the phenomenon was at a speed faster than the imaging capability of the camera and without using the present mechanism. In the second case, the phenomenon speed was kept constant but the camera is now fixed on the piston. As expected, the video capturing process enhanced and the captured images are seen to be clearer by means of a visual qualitative (mere eyes) observation between the images of the two cases.