The aim of the current research work is to study the creep behavior of the epoxy-based reinforced with different weight percentages of 1 wt.% and 3 wt.% of SiCparticles and 25 wt.% ofcarbon fibers and the results obtained have been compared to that of unreinforced epoxy matrix. Experimental creep testing device have been designed and constructed for this purpose. Basically, it containsfrom variable heat source, loading mechanism for generating stress in the specimen and instruments for recording temperatures and strains. The test was carried out under (70, 85 and 100 °С), and different loads of (29.4,34.3 and 40 N).Results showed that the creep was decreased in composite material comparedwith pure matrix material, also itwas concludedthat the creep resistance decreases with increasing the temperature and appliedload.