The PID algorithm is the most popular controller used within the process industries. Robust easily understood algorithm could provide excellent control performance despite of the varied dynamic characteristic of process plant. However, the tuning of the PID controller parameters are not easy and does not give the optimal required response, especially with non-linear system. In the last years emerged several new intelligent optimization technique like, Adaptive Tabu search (ATS), Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) techniques to get better control of the speed. This Paper deals with the speed control of single Phase Induction Motor with closed loop PID controller using (ATS) as intelligent optimization technique . The system is simulated using Matlab/Simulink GUI environment and the results are discusses.
The Ziegler– Nichols methods for tuning PID controller is represent as a point of comparison. The intelligent optimization technique ATS is propos to tune the PID controller parameters to get optimal results of the closed loop of PID - ATS Controller. The Simulation results show the effectiveness of the propose method, which has get number of advantages.