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1 Mechanical Engineering Department, College of Engineering, University of Mosul, Mosul, Iraq

2 Mechanical Engineering Department , College of Engineering, University of Mosul ,Mosul, Iraq


Gas turbine blades are suffering from failure, most of the studies indicate that 50% of the failure and breakage due to its complexity circumstances, The aim of this work is to analyze stresses at the first stages in AL Mansourgas power station in Mousl city, (AUTOCAD) which is computer program has been used to draw the blade at the exact measurement, where three kinds of different shapes of blades have taken, The real blade solid and hollow airfoil at the root, hollow airfoil at the root, Solid Airfoil at the root
(AUTOCAD) program has been used to obtain the cross section area at any height along the blade lengths, (MATLAB) program has been used to obtain equations between cross section area and the height  along the blade then determine the centrifugal force for a three blades used in this research. The study concluded that the real blades,solid and hollow is best because it garantee a minimum normal stress.


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