Document Type : Research Paper


Environmental engineering department, College of Engineering, University of Mosul


The present paper dealt with the evalution of quantiy and qualtiy of water treatmetn plants WTPs withen Mosul city. According to the total productivity of WTPs the per capita share of water was 785 L/d, and after subtracting the losses and violation upon the water supply network that reaches upto 50% the per capita portion of water becomes 392 L/d. For the quality of water; the study revealed that there are a segnificant effect of the WTPs processes upon the water quality parameters of the product water comparing with the raw water, and the quality of product water is withen the Iraqi dirnking water spicifications regarding to the parameters taken into account withen the study. This study concentric to the turbidity removal by WTPs because these plants are designed to reduce the turbidity of water to acceptable levels withen the Iraqi specification. turbidity of water is out of the specification in 13% of the samplise with different portions through the WTPs, but the highst was at aldanadan and alsaheroon plants.
Duncn test revealed that there are a significant different betweent the average of the residual turbidity and  between the average of percentage removal of turbidity between WTPs and the worest plant from the residual turbidity are alsaheroon, alghzlani and aldanadan. And the woreste plant from the percent turbidity removal are alaiser aljadeed and alaiser altawsie.


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