Document Type : Research Paper


Dams and Water Resources Engineering Department, Collage of Engineering, University of Mosul


An experimental investigation was conducted to observe the connection angle effect of the branched channel front with the main channel on the entering sediments amounts into the branched channel. Three angles were taken to the branched channel inlet (60°,45°,30°), that connected with the main channel from the left side with two concentrations of sand at a granular diameter rate (D50=0.5mm). The concentration flow rates were 1.8 and 2.22(g/s), respectively. The sand was fed and organized by a speed regulator to main channel to obtain the concentrations. The results showed that the 60° was better than the rest in the sediment numbers. Compared to the 30° and 45° angles, the reduction at the 60° was at (32-40)% of 40% of the discharge rate. Besides, at the 30% discharge rate, the reduction was (16-19)%. Within the study limits, it has indicated that the greater angle is the better and it reduces sediments.


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