Document Type : Research Paper


1 College of Environmental Science and Technologies, Department of Environmental technologies, University Of Mosul, Mosul, Iraq

2 Dams and Water Resources Engineering Department- College of Engineering- University of Mosul

3 Dams and Water Resources Engineering Department, Collage of Engineering, University of Mosul


It is extremely significant during the design stage of an earth dam is to analyze the seepage and slope stability. The proposed Al-Qaim dam on  Al Khoser river was used as a case study to apply Geo-Studio 2012 program and its appendices Seep/w and Slope/w. Some minor modifications to the original design suggested by SOGREAH company have been proposed. The Geo-Studio 2012 program was used to analyze three states of Al-Qaim reservoir i.e. (end of construction، steady-state، and rapid drawdown). Seep/w and Slope/w have used to analyze the seepage and the stability of the slopes، the results reveal a good agreement between this analysis and the design company's results. Moreover، the present analysis achieves the requirement of safety with less volume of embankment which reduces the cost of construction substantially.


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