Document Type : Research Paper


1 Dams and Water Resources Research Center, Mosul university, Mosul, Iraq

2 Dams and Water Resources Research Center, Mosul university, Iraq


This study aimed to analyze the rainfall time series data for 9 stations in the north of Iraq, namely (Sulaymaniyah, Darbandikhan, Dokan, Duhok, Erbil, Kirkuk, Mosul, Sinjar, Tal-Afar) from 1979 until 2014 using the Multiplicative model of time series, this is for the purpose of identifying the reality of the time series variables (general trend, seasonal, periodic, random) which affected by the rains, and the prediction of monthly rainfall data for the  selected stations. The rainfall characteristics of the northern region of Iraq were also studied in terms of daily, monthly and annual distribution of rainfall rates and a relationship between intensity-Duration-Frequency (IDF) at different return periods (2, 5, 10, 15, 25, 50, 100) years has been found to identify the reality of rainstorms and provide solutions  to a number of design problems related to management and treatment of water for Basins in general and ungauged Basins in particular such as surface runoff discharge and erosion control.


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