Document Type : Research Paper


1 Dams and Water Resources Department, College of Engineering, University of Anbar

2 Manager of Upper Euphrates Developing Center, University of Anbar

3 Dams and Water Resources Engineering, University of Anbar, Ramadi, Iraq


In this study, a water evaluation and planning WEAP model was utilized to improve the Ramadi irrigation project with 28342 hectares and 326 million  annual budget for the period (2018-2019). The results showed that the total water used was 111.5 million /year representing 34.2% of Ramadi irrigation budget. The annual production was 39.3 million Kg/year for Ramadi irrigation, and the total economic returns was 16.04 million $/year. The study proposes two scenarios to improve the cultivated area. The first scenario increases water volume of the current year from 111.5 million /year to 272.12 million /year, which caused an increase in annual productivity from 39.3 million Kg/year to 144.57 million Kg/year, and economic return rose from 16.04 million $/year to 65.25 million $/year. The second scenario recorded an increase in the annual production for the current year from 39.3 million Kg/year to 192.27 million Kg/year and economic return from 16.04 million $/year to 86.79 million $/year when using additional pumps for project 2, 3 and project 5. Also, the convey loss increased from 16.72 million /year for the current year to 48.47 million /year when applying the second scenario, which equals 15% from the water budget of Ramadi irrigation.


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