Document Type : Review Paper


1 Environmental Engineering Department, Collage of Engineering, University of Mosul

2 Environmental Research Center- University of Mosul

3 Environmental department, Engineering college,University of Mosul, Mosul, Iraq


The research presents the site surveying data for per capita indoor water consumption that carried out in Mosul city, Iraq.
 A questionnaire containing over 30 questions was developed to collect a precise information on household characteristics (family size, number of children, income and educational level of house parents), with daily  indoor water consumption, according to the days of the week, taking into consideration water supply continuity, in addition to the built and site area of the house. Over 132 households of standalone, houses with different characteristics were obtained.
The data showed abnormal distribution due to a Non-parametric statistical analysis. Indoor water consumption revealed a positively significant relationship with family size, site area and built area of the house. Whereas, there were a negatively correlation with number of children, monthly income of householder and their educational level, were tabulated, No significant relationship with number of interrupted supply days was observed. Statistical regression analysis elucidated that the educational level of householder followed by family monthly income, family size, the built area and the site area were the crucial weighted factors affecting the indoor water consumption.


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