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1 College of Engineering Computer Engineering Department

2 Computer engineering Dept, college of engineering, university of Mosul

3 Computer Eng. Dept., College of Engineering, University of Mosul, Mosul, Iraq.

4 Department of Computer Engineering,College of Engineering,University of Mosul ,Mosul, Iraq


The human signature is an important biometric feature that is used to identify human identity. It is essential in preventing falsification of documents in numerous financial, legal, and other commercial settings. The computerized system enters many aspects of our life, security is one of them, continues developing in computer vision and artificial network leads researcher to develop computerized signature recognition. This paper proposed a real-time algorithm for signature recognition. It is based on client and server which, client agent captures a signature and sends it to the server through the network. The server receives data and performs processing on it. Processing algorithm is based on weightless neural network. It is chosen for its simplicity and few numbers of sample required for training. The algorithm is tested and evaluated and show the ability to process 4.7 images per second.


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