Document Type : Research Paper


Architecture, Engineering, U. of Mosul, Mosul City, Iraq


Traditional architecture is characterized by specific configurations and elements, possessing design characteristics (formal and functional) that give the products of traditional architecture their character, As in the traditional architecture of the old city of Mosul. The buildings of the old Mosul city, have been subjected to damage as a result of the recent terrorist events, it was necessary to document and study these buildings by isolating the basic design elements that make up the building and studying its properties in a detailed method. The presentation of previous studies that dealt with the Mosul architecture revealed that there is a lack of knowledge specifically the Iwan element and its design characteristics, which determined (the nature of the research problem) while (the goal of the research) to discover the design characteristics (formal and functional) of the iwan in the architecture of old Mosul houses and extract the most important characteristics prevailing in it. The research Methodology builds on the structure of a theoretical framework that includes the definition of the architectural element and its design characteristics in general, and the definition of the iwan and its characteristics in the architecture of Mosul in particular. The analytical study of the Iwan was performed by two levels, depending on the database and images that were obtained and documented:The first (general level): This level included collecting and documenting various pictures of ‎‎24random samples from Iwans of the Mosul houses, and‎‏ ‏application of an analytical and descriptive study to discover their design characteristics.The second (detailed level): This level included collecting and documenting some pictures, information, and detailed drawings of 10 samples (For the element iwan predominant – pointed-), which were analyzed mathematically to reveal their proportions, and graphically using the AutoCAD program to reveal their detailed formal characteristics to reach a more accurate database that can be invested in restoring Construction of the old city.


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