Document Type : Research Paper


Architecture Engineering Department, College of Engineering, University of Mosul


The heritage city of Mosul was distinguished by the architectural and technical characteristics that distinguished it from the rest of the Islamic cities, which were affected by the surrounding environment and the quality of the natural materials available locally, the most important of which was the material of Mosul marble (alfarsh) on the one hand, and the techniques used in its manufacture on the other hand, , Which gave special features and characteristics of the Mosul's architecture.  In the beginning, previous studies related to the subject were reviewed to determine the research problem, which was represented by (lack of knowledge related to the technology of manufacturing marble window frames in Mosul's houses).
Consequently, the goal of the research was to reveal the manufacturing technology and characteristics of this important element in the traditional Mosul's house in detail by scanning its repeated models to provide a complete database that can be used in the future in the reconstruction operations. The research adopted the analytical documentary survey method for this element by extracting basic vocabulary for them from previous studies and then applying these terms in selected samples, and then drawing this element with all types and models with dimensions and detailed measurements in the AutoCAD program (2016) to be analyzed after that according to the vocabulary of the theoretical framework, reaching to the final conclusions that showed the similarity and repetition of the models for this element in terms of dimensions and number of pieces, and that this element was governed by specific models, fixed measurements, and specific installation and formation methods with some exceptions, which reinforced the assumption made by the research that this element is per-manufactured.


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