Document Type : Research Paper


Architecture Engineering Department, College of Engineering, University of Mosul


The traditional alabaster columns with manufacturing techniques used by Mosul's architects represent one of the aspects of distinction within the heritage Mosul architecture, which gave this architecture aspects of its peculiarity and distinctive identity. After reviewing previous studies in this field, the research problem was represented by (Lack of knowledge related to the manufacturing technology and characteristics of alabaster columns in Mosul's traditional houses and lack of knowledge of their repeated models and details of their employment) The aim of the research was (revealing the techniques of manufacturing these elements as well as clarifying and analyzing its repeated models and clarify the details of the employment of each model) and thus providing a detailed documentary information base that can be adopted in the operations of restoration, reconstruction, and future designs. The final conclusions that showed the similarity and repetition of the models for this element in terms of dimensions and number of pieces, and that this element was governed by specific models. Each type has fixed measurements and specific installation and formation methods with some exceptions, which reinforced the assumption made by the research that this element is a prefabricated element.  


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