Document Type : Research Paper


Civil Engineering Department, Collage of Engineering, University of Mosul


During the last years, the Main Campus of Mosul University's growth has meant increased traffic volumes (vehicles and pedestrians flows) on its streets, with longer wait times at the campus gates, and parking problems. The main objective of this work is to describing, measuring and valuing the current condition of parking supply and demand, and recommending the most suitable solutions to parking problems according to the university needs for the future 10 years. The study area is divided into 21 zones. Field surveys include: parking survey, questionnaire survey, and traffic movements survey were conducted to achieve the study objectives.   The results show that the largest percentage of faculty members and staff use their vehicles as a motorist, especially males with more than 64% for faculty and 55% for staff. The dominant mode of travel for the female faculty members and staff is passengers (Auto and transit) with 60.25% and 82.1% respectively There are over 4181 available parking spaces distributed among the study area zones. Additional parking spaces will be provided where possible and a combination of parking structures and surface lots must be resized and located to meet the parking demand for the year 2030.


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