Document Type : Research Paper


Electrical Engineering Department, Collage of Engineering, University of Mosul


Stability of power system is the ability of the system, with a certain initial operation conditions, to restore the operating balance conditions after exposure to disturbance such as faults or sudden load changes. More attention is required to address voltage instability problems to keep voltage profile under control during abnormal conditions. This paper proposes a Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM) using (MATLAB / Simulink Program) The STATCOM includes proportional-integral (PI) control model is used to control the voltage during abnormal conditions by absorbing or injecting reactive power into the power system. Simple and reliable PI controller has been used and designed to be stable under various operating conditions. Three phase Two level PWM strategy technic used in STATCOM controller to decrease the harmonics injected after adding STATCOM to the power system (THD = 2.21%). The simulation study has been done by using 9 buses IEEE system after making a disturbance such as sudden load change. Then the voltage profile during this interval is being studied with and without using STATCOM. The simulation results show that adding STATCOM to this system led to improve the voltage profile during disturbance interval and made the system more stable and reliable by preventing the disturbance effects from reaching the generation side (Vbus 5 = 0.8980 pu, during disturbance before adding STATCOM, Vbus 5 = 1.0003 pu, during disturbance after adding STATCOM). The fast response of the STATCOM controller gives the ability of injecting or absorbing reactive power during disturbances and keeping the system voltages within the IEEE standards limits (0.95 pu > V> 1.05 pu).


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