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1 Dams and Water Resources Engineering Department, Collage of Engineering, University of Mosul

2 Dams and water resources dept., College of engineering,University of Mosul,Mosul,Iraq


The research aims to study the effect of some physical properties of the soil as components of sand, silt, clay, bulk density, and the initial soil moisture on cumulative infiltration depth, infiltration rate, and basic infiltration rate. Depending on data from 31 laboratory infiltration tests represented by 516 values for cumulative infiltration depth and cumulative infiltration time, including a wide range of changes in soil physical properties. Using the statistical program (SPSS) and by applying the nonlinear regression method, the best empirical equation has been derived to estimate the cumulative infiltration depth, with a determination coefficient of 0.975, as a function of some physical properties of soil and in the form of Kostakovsequation to include estimation of basic infiltration rate.


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