Document Type : Review Paper


Architecture Engineering Department, College of Engineering, University of Mosul


The physical environment of schools is an important factor affecting students' learning. Appropriate educational institutions must be provided. It meets the various reasons for change, and the educational environment must enjoydurability with its spaces and ability to adapt to new jobs and activities. Reducing the surface area of ​​the structure, the research problem was that the available studies did not accurately determine the role of some design characteristics (Proximity characteristic) in achieving compact entity (as an indicator of functional Durability), and the possibility of applying these characteristics to local primary school models. The aim of the research is to (determine the role of that feature and the procedures available to the designer in absorbing the change in the buildings of the elected primary schools), and conduct a special practical experiment in addition to a generative program that works with algorithms (Dynamo); to ensure the impartiality of the results, the research found that the convergence property has a prominent role in maintaining On the compactness entity of the schools, and therefore the convergence property can be relied on in the architectural programming stage for the ease and accuracy of measuring that feature at that stage of the design process.


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