Document Type : Research Paper


Electrical Engineering Department, Collage of Engineering, University of Mosul


Because of the fast advancement in the creation of power electronics equipment such as automatic Machines, adjustable speed drives, personal computers and other non-linear loads which are the main sources of harmonics. Due to the presence of these nonlinear loads, it is necessary to reduce the level of harmonics created in the power networks. Hence, harmonic analysis of distribution networks is important. The analysis of power systems is an important part of power system engineering. Any electrical utility company's principal goal is to provide the best quality of power. The power system harmonics is one of the major reasons of poor power quality. Harmonics and harmonic analysis must be investigated in filters in order to minimize harmonic current and voltage. This paper aims to build a simulation model of nine bus ring system to evaluate characteristics of harmonics in different cases of study using Electrical Transient and Analysis Program (ETAP). Using ETAP harmonic distortion is analyzed and mitigation techniques are used represented bysingle tuned filters which should be installed for worst case and the best-case condition. And the simulation results of ETAP shows that some of THDv,i%  results are within the limit value as per IEEE 519 -1992 standard.


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