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1 Dams and water Resources Engineering Department, collage of Engineering, university of Mosul

2 Dams and Water resources Engineering, College of Engineering , University of Mosul


The meander rivers are notice condition in nature more the existing river in nature. In which the river continues process in scour and deposition sediment transport normally the scour in the outer side of a river bank and the deposition will be in the lift bank. Due to centrifugal and secondary currents for the flow. To control the movement of the sediment to overcome of the scour and deposition the spur dikes used as a one way to protect the river bank and to control of the sediment movement. In this research we locate spur dike in the straight portion of laboratory channel before entering the bend or meander to see what is the effects of this spur dike. The spur was fixed in different location in this straight portion at left, right and both side in different angle (30°, 90°,135°, 150°) with different discharge (24.096, 27.477, 31.016, 34.71) l/sec. The results shown that the spur dikes at the left side are  Reduces erosion and deposition Compared without spur dike at the section (1.9, 2.9, 3.9, 6.1)m, and the large erosion and deposition was when we put spur dikes at both side of channel with angle 90°.  


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