Document Type : Review Paper


Architecture Engineering Department, College of Engineering, University of Mosul, Mosul, Iraq


Airport buildings are among the complex and unique buildings of the contemporary century. Their importance lies in the fact that they represent the city’s gateway to the whole world. Employing local architecture elements is one of the design ideas used to design passenger buildings at airports, allowing the recipient (traveler) to define the urban identity of the city and the city’s history and culture, she indicated. There have been many proposals in architecture about the mechanism of employing the elements of local architecture in buildings, but none of these studies specifically addressed the mechanism used to employ elements of local architecture in airport buildings.
And the same thing is repeated when reviewing the architectural proposals related to the aspects related to airport buildings, so the general problem of research was identified by the lack of scientific knowledge and studies dealing with the employment of local architecture elements in airport buildings, while the special problem was identified in developing the approach or mechanism that shows how to employ local architecture in the passenger building.


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