Document Type : Review Paper


1 Computer Engineering Departement, Collage of Engineering, University of Mosul, Mosul, Iraq.

2 Control and Computer Engineering Departement, Collage of Engineering, Almaaqal University, Basra, Iraq


Industrial IoT (Industrial IoT) is a new promising technology which can be used to increase the amount of productions with high qualities. Industrial IoT technologies guarantee full control to the processes remotely through the internet which can reduce the number of workers in the field. As a result, this can reduce the percentage of worker injuries and accidents in addition to the total costs. The Industrial IoT systems are attractive targets to attackers. For this reason, these systems require high levels of security since such levels have direct effects on physical devices which may be dangerous on human life and safety. To   guarantee high level of security, a combination between Information Technologies (IT) and Operation Technologies (OT) with new innovative methods should take place. In this paper, many new technologies and security methods are reviewed with their possible attacks in order to provide Industrial IoT infrastructure designers with the required information to take them into consideration. Also, differences and convergences between both classical Information Technology (IT) and operational Technology (OT) and their relations to the Industrial IoT systems are investigated with the possible attacks on each layer of the IT and the OT.


Main Subjects

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