Document Type : Review Paper


Department of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Mosul, Mosul, Iraq


                  The soil reinforcement technique is used to improve the engineering characteristics of soils. In this technique, various types of reinforcement elements have been used in constructions for a very long time. As mentioned in the previous literature, the use of synthetic fibers and plastic waste materials has shown promising results. when these fibers inclusion in soils, significant enhancements are demonstrated in the overall mechanical properties (especially strength properties) of reinforced soils. Sequentially, the randomly distributing methods of fibers have involved increasing attention in geotechnical applications due to its efficiency in improving soil properties. In this study, the soil-reinforcement mechanism, types of fibers (synthetic and plastic waste material), and applications of these fibers in various types of constructions were reviewed. The advantages and disadvantages of synthetic and plastic waste material fibers were also discussed. As well, some recommendations were also mentioned in this review paper in order to fully understand the behavior of reinforced soils if these recommendations were taken into account.


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