Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Computer Technology Engineering, Technical Engineering College/Mosul, Northern Technical University, Mosul, Iraq


The current project dealing with communication system through adoption of the particular digital modulation by using solid state components as a semiconductor device, using the phase- Shift keying (PSK) signal that has been adopted by combined coding with phase modulation. To increase the coded signal's minimum free distance as an objective of the work, by using the coding (Channel Coding) is a preferred approach to enhance the signal to noise ratio (SNR) performance of the transmission of digital signals, and for completing of the project task, a simulation methodology has been implemented the required investigation. The results reveal that the minimum free distance is equal the root of 2, i.e D= 1.414, the output encoder with rate of 2/3 i.e 8-PSK signal and the change of phase of the signal point does affect the minimum free distance of the coded signal.


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