Document Type : Research Paper


1 Civil engineering, College of Engineering, University of Mosul

2 College of Engineering, University of Mosul

3 School of Transportation Science and Engineering, (HIT), China


In recent years, warm asphalt mixtures have become increasingly favored due to their energy-saving benefits stemming from reduced production and application temperatures. Using waste materials in these mixtures, like sulfur waste (SW), not only conserves virgin materials but also provides environmental and economic gains. This research delved into the feasibility of substituting SW for traditional fillers, like calcium carbonate, in both hot and warm asphalt mixtures. Warm mix asphalt samples were produced using a synthetic zeolite binder modifier. The mixtures tested included both hot and warm types with either calcium carbonate or SW as fillers. Various mechanical parameters, including Marshall stability, Marshall quotient, and indirect tensile strength at 25°C and 60°C, as well as tensile strength ratio, were assessed. The results underscore that Incorporating sulfur waste as a mineral filler in asphalt mixtures enhances their mechanical properties, notably improving Marshall stability and moisture resistance, while also offering potential economic and environmental benefits.


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