This paper presents an experimental investigation of the thermal performances of a forced draft counter flow wet cooling tower by using two filled , the first one is made locally from the galvanized packing have a cross-sectional area of (0.3m * 0.3m) with a height of 0.5m and consists of six galvanized sheets having a zigzag form disposed by metallic vertical grids in parallel with a sectional test. The second is made from corrugated plastic with the same cross-sectional area . In present work the effect of each of the air and water flow rates on the cooling water section as well as the tower characteristic, heat rejected and the Cooling range for different inlet water temperatures were studied . From the experimental readings obtained we found that the temperature of inlet hot water to the cooling tower effected in the tower performance concerning amount of heat rejected and the Cooling range . In addition , the experimental result showed that the tower Characteristic increases by using packing made from galvanized about 15% comparing with plastic packing at the same operation conditions .