Misalignment problem is considered as one of the most important and common repeated problems in rotary kiln in meanly all of cement factories. This will lead to generation of vibration and extra loads on bearing of the carrying rollers. Also a non-uniformity can occur in distribution of applied load on all the surface of the bearing which being concentrated on one or two sides of the bearing surface, and finally leads to falling the fire lining.
The present research work is concentrated on the analysis of stresses generated on bearing of the carrying rollers of the rotary kiln in new Hammam Al-Alil factory. In addition the effect of misalignment is shown on stresses distribution and it's concentration. This is important for the bearing design and those who work in bearing maintenance in this factory.
The "(ANSYS 9.0)", which uses a finite element technique, had been utilized in this program. This is a very efficient and accurate tool in stress analysis for many cases. The stresses had been calculated for the assumed cases.
The results showed clearly that the stress distribution and concentration on the bearing is altered with misalignment for each case.
Keywords: Misalignment, Rotary kiln, Techniques , ANSYS