Nineveh is one of the Iraqi provinces 400 km north Baghdad capital and having an industrial company for sulfur production. This company produces nearly 20-25% of the total production as waste materials. This research investigates the ways of recycling the sulfur waste (SW) in solving the higher cost problem coming from import of waterproofing materials and presents information on the program and laboratory test data. Materials used in test program included 40/50 asphalt cement, Alkyl benzene sulfonate (ABS) and sulfur waste (SW). Five SW contents 0, 1, 3, 5 and 7%, and 1% of ABS in terms of asphalt cement by weight were used. Tests including physical properties, compatibility, storage stability, aging properties, temperature susceptibility and water permeability were carried out in accordance with the ASTM procedure. The test results revealed that SW is a reliable material for paving asphalt cement and being readily available can be widely used in water proofing construction materials, and this offers profound engineering and economic advantages.

Keywords: Sulfur waste, Alkylbenzene sulfonate, Asphalt, Modifier, Water proofing material.