Gypsiferous soils have specific feature under its suction studying. These soils contain salt solution that affects on the suction components at high water content levels. This paper investigates soil suction of three types of gypsiferous soils namely: Al-Muhallabeia, Al-Jarin, and Al-Slmanii using filter paper technique. The investigated soils were located in Nineveh province (400 Km north Baghdad capital) and found to have a gypsum content of about 35, 23, and 6%, respectively.

This study includes some factors (water content, gypsum content, and clay content) that affect the soil suction for gypsiforous soils. The effect of gypsum content on slope of the relationship between soil suction with pF unit and water content was examined.

The results revealed that there is a linear relationship between soil suction and its water content for three studied soils. Both total and matric suction values increase as soil water content decrease. On the other hand, the difference between total and matric suction values increase with soil samples water content. The soil clay content has more effect on gypsiferous soil suction than its gypsum content.
Key words: Gypsiferous soil, Soil suction, Total suction, Matric suction, Gypsum content