Many of modern studies attached special importance to the phenomenon of incarnating the identity of Architecture. From this, Arab modern studies which was theoretical and practical, This research concentrates on the subject of identity of modern Arab Architecture and recognizes it, and comes out with theoretical framework by previous studies in this context. It appears that elements of theoretical framework relate to two types. Elements related to incarnation of identity in Architectural heritage, and elements related to incarnating identity in new products. Each type contained more subdivisions. The research application concentrate on some of framework items in practical study for testing it analytically, by choosing the Architect Abed Wahid El-Wakil to show his work.
The findings show special pattern to El-Wakil by depending on the strategy of searching for traditional roots in his new designs, which relate to certain values which are concurrent to theoretical framework. The conclusions answer research queries about El-Wakil , and confirm thinkers viewpoints of the phenomenon in generally, and to El-Wakil especially. The findings outline a guide to architects who want to follow the pattern of El-Wakil for incarnating the identity of modern Arab architecture in their new design.
Keywords: Contemporary Arabic Architecture, Architectural heritage, incarnating identity, Abed Wahid El-Wakil.