Thermal insulation is the most effective energy efficient technique of energy conservation available today. The main goal of energy an conscious designer is to condition the interior environment to support a level of climate comfort acceptable to users. From the past 20 years data it is concluded that temperature is at the increase and thus thermal insulation is an immediate need to be considered. Environmental problems have recently expanded due to industrial pollution and manmade products that are found in solid wastes. One of these products are the Aluminum cans. Since the recycling rate of these cans is decreasing. It is therefore the main goal of this study is to evaluate the thermal insulation of these cans through models in insulating reinforced concrete roofs and ceiling and comparing the insulation with that of Thermo-stone blocks and Polystyrene boards which are commonly used in Iraq. Results indicated that Aluminum cans are considered as a good insulator and can withstand a considerable live and dead loads beside it’s low construction cost and low weight. Finally the use of Aluminum cans in the thermal insulation will contribute in solving a part of the global environmental problems.
Keywords: Thermal Insulation , Solid wastes, Aluminum cans, Model.