The sheet meal forming are the most widely used in the metal industries. The forming limit curve(FLC) is considered as the important mean of measuring the formability of sheet metal. In this work the FLCs of pure Aluminum sheets, determined firstly by using hemispherical punch and die, and secondly by bulging, were compared. Also the effect of some factors on the FLC, such as thickness and annealing were studied, and a comparison was made between the FLCs determined by the two methods. It was shown that the formability determined by bulging is higher and this is due to the absence of friction during forming which lead to a more uniform strain distribution. Three sheets thickness were used(1,0.8 and 0.6) mm. It was found that the formability is increased with thickness in both methods. The best formability was of the sheet of 1mm thickness, deformed by bulging. Annealing improved formability and the better improvement was by bulging

Keyword : Aluminum sheet - Forming limit diagram – Hydraulic Bulging