This research studied the effect of liquids on the Engineering properties of the Limestone rocks. The liquids used were: crude oil from Ain Zala, crude oil from Kirkuk, natural ground Water.
The Limestone used was brought from Eski Mosul situated at 45 Km north west of Mosul. Both the compressive and tensile tests were conducted on the Limestone rock specimens in the dry and saturated case using;Uniaxial, Triaxial Compression and Bending tests.
The tests showed that saturation with any one of the liquids lead to a decrease of both compressive and tensile strength. The greatest decrease occurred when ground water was used to saturate the specimens, and it was also noted that the effect of saturation gave greater percentage of decrease on the compressive than the tensile strength.
The study also showed that liquids lead to decrease in cohesion ( c ) and the Friction angle (Φ) obtained from triaxial test. The liquids used for saturation didn't have clear effect on the type and mode of failure on all specimens tested .
Keyword: σc:Compressive strength σt: Tensile strength