The current research tackles the study of analogy depended on in designing products of students of academic architectural study as it is one of the important designing strategies in the process of architectural designing because it is closely related with the stage of synthesis and the derivations of architectural concepts within the designing process. The research discusses the importance of this concept in order to explore the particular problem represented by the unclarity of analogy role in the designing products of students of academic architectural study over their different grades. Therefore the problem of the research was crystallized and its objective and methodology were identified by studying analogy by two axes, included the analogy and the designer, the analogy and designing process, reaching the determination the theoretical framework, that involved four main items, which are; the item of analogy cause, analogy sources, the paradigm of dealing with the analogy source and the nature of the designing element relevant to analogy, firstly. And then applying the theoretical framework on selected projects of students of academic architectural study in the second, third and fourth grades in Mosul University, secondly, in order to explore the change of analogy application paradigms adopted by the students in those grades, thirdly. The results showed that the differences in students’ trends throughout different academic grades led to the emergence of similar differences in the nature of practicing analogy in those grades.
Keywords: Analogy, Architectural design process, academic medium.