This research work includes an experimental investigation to study the effect of high temperatures on the mechanical properties of concrete containing admixtures. A comparative study was conducted on concrete mixes, reference mix without an additive and that with an admixture. Concrete was exposed to three levels of high temperatures (200,400,600) °C, for a duration of one hour, without any imposed load during the heating. Five types of admixtures were used, superplasticizer, plasticizer, retarder and water reducing admixture, an accelerator and an air entraining admixture.
Mechanical properties of concrete were studied at different high temperatures, including: compressive strength, splitting tensile strength, modulus of elasticity and ultimate strain. Test results showed a reduction in the studied properties by different rates for different additives and for each temperature, the decrease was very limited at temperature up to (200°C) but was clear at (400,600) °C.

Key words: concrete containing admixtures, high temperatures, mechanical properties.