Concrete behavior subjected to repeated loads is differs than the one subjected to static loads. Repeated loads caused crushing in some part of concrete due to loading and unloading process. Concrete behavior under static loads is affected by adding steel fibers, which improved many properties especially concrete tensile strength. These improvements are studied in this research under the effect of repeated loads, by testing simply supported fibrous reinforced concrete beams with dimensions (1000x150x160) mm, reinforced with different percentages of steel fibers (0.0, 0.5, 0.75, and 1.0%). Repeated loads were applied to the beams through two points and for many cycles up to failure. The physical properties and compressive strength of the concrete used was found by casting standard cylinders (150x300) mm for the different percentages of fibers. All the results show improvements in beams behavior due to fiber addition to the concrete under repeated loads, by increasing the deflection, strain, ductility and energy dissipation due to increasing of added fibers percentages.

Keywords : Repeated load, Reinforced Concrete, Beams, Steel fiber