In this paper the effect of high temperature on plain concrete strengthened with Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer ( CFRP ) sheets and behavior of concrete strengthened after heating were studied for flexure and compression properties . For this purpose a total of 44 prismatic specimens of 100x100x350 mm dimensions were tested . Results indicate that due to high temperature there is a continuous reduction in flexural strength of concrete strengthened with CFRP sheet . Deflection corresponding to flexural strength also reduced for exposure temperature higher than 350oC . The effect of finishing CFRP layers with cement mortar for controlling the reduction of flexural and compressive strengths due to high temperature was found to be not important . According to the obtained results , plain concrete damage by high temperature can be repaired using CFRP sheets for compressive strength of about 74% of that of plain concrete , and flexural strength of about 69% of that of strengthened concrete before heating .

KEYWARDS:Bond ,CFRP, Compression , Flexure ,Heating , High Temperature ,Strengthening, Wrapping