This research represents an attempt to solve a problem introduced by Ninevah drug factory to increase the out put of one of its laboratory machine located in research sector .
First of all, thinking was for selection a suitable material of punches and die compatible with the surrounding environments of different drug powders as they represents corrosive agents to the metal that in touch .Beside that this material primarly must be capable of being machined to manufacture the required design, Also it is capable to be heat treated after manufacturing .
Second ,we should redesign the punch and die with the same surrounding spans limitation but with increasing the number of used punches and redistributing them in a suitable manner in its restricted die, and manufacturing punches with a different sizes (7, 9, 7.9,10.3,12.53 )mm in diameter as the factory demand taking into account the concave and convex of pair of punches to create the mirror shape of tablet after pressing is completed . All that will be done must give the standardized weight , size and optimum compressibility according to the certificate of the quality control unit.

Keywords: punch , die , tablet , powder.