The effect of deformation on the corrosion of galvanized high strength low alloy steel sheet is studied. Specimens in the uniaxial, plain and biaxial strains were stretched by a hemispherical punch to three different punch heights for each path of strain. After each deformation, The deformed specimens together with a fourth non deformed specimen were subjected to a corrosive medium for the same sequential times. To determine the effect of corrosion, all the specimens were weighted before and after each corrosion stage and the hardness was also measured It was found that corrosion in the deformed specimens was higher than in the non-deformed ones. Also it was found that corrosion increased by moving from the uniaxial to the biaxial strain passing through the plain strain path and by increasing the punch heights. The results were verified by the hardness measurement.

KEYWORDS: galvanized HSLA steel, corrosion, deformation, strain path