The current research concentrates on special objectives in Innovating and applying a network among the Multi-Agents in the Designed Proposed System , by the use of (Oracle) language to produce a new product by using the available potentialities of the company or by cooperating with partners in the future within the concept of the Virtual Manufacturing. Every Agent (user) has its own roles and privileges. The application results indicate that the VM philosophy has been performed efficiently by the use of the Multi–Agents Network which is managed and attains integration by the server Agent that uses the available interfaces as Oracle language capabilities such as DDE, OLE and run–product.
Also, The application results have confirmed that there is a possibility to add easily a new client : Hardwarely: by Updating the network and connecting a new client by the use of one of the following oracle tools: - Oracle Net 8 Assistance, - SQL * Net Easy Configuration , , Oracle Net 8 Assistance.lOracle Net 8 Easy Configuration . Softwarely: to the designed system by the use of the Enterprise Manager console as a wizard or through the SQL plus worksheet.
Keyword: Virtual Manufacturing, Multi- Agents Network, Oracle Security