Recent researches indicate that if water is exposed to an intense magnetic field, it is possible to obtain many positive effects on water properties that improve water use in irrigation application. Therefore, a field study has been conducted to evaluate the extent of there positive improvements under sprinkler irrigation. Uniformity of sprinkler irrigation is used as a performance indicator under different pressure heads.
The research included experimental work on solid set sprinkler system (single sprinkler type Rain Bird) using rotating sprinkler heads with single nozzle of diameter 5.2mm. The sprinkler was tested under pressures ( 10,12,15,17,20,22) psi.
Treatments have been conducted using normal water with 1 to 5 runs. Direct current (DC) magnetic field for magnetizing water is used to magnetize water. Five levels of the DC magnetic flux densities are used (525,603.1,650,1608.5,3016) Gauss.
The study has revealed the performance of the sprinkler irrigation system is improved when the magnetized water is used compared to non–magnetized under the same operating and climatologically conditions . The degree of improvement depends on the intensity of the magnetic field used.Under low and very low pressures, the most effective intensity on uniformity was the intensity 1608.5 Gauss . The best performance of the system was achieved at (15) psi with direct magnetic flux density of 1608.5 Gauss. There variables have achieved the highest increase in irrigation uniformity compared with irrigation in normal water which was 24.2 %.
Key Words: uniformity of irrigation, magnetized water, sprinkler irrigation.