In this research , the meteorological phenomenons ( the rainfall , monthly evaporation , min. & max. temperature , wind velocity and the percentage humidity ) for the following stations (Mosul , Sinjar , Rabeaa , Telafer , Erbil and Salahaldin ) in the north of Iraq were studied using simple correlation between stations . The result of analysis indicated a good correlation in some stations . Also multiple correlation have been applied to study the effect of elevation (E.L.) of station above m.s.l. and a displacement (D), distance from a reference point , (which are Mosul and Telafer ) . Analytical relations were derived for these stations to estimate the missing data and to generalize it for the north part of the country . For simplicity, contour maps were drawn for these three variables E.L. , D, and the value of phenomena is drawn .
Key word : climatic phenomenons , M.S.L. & displacement , contour maps .