The chemical characteristics of ground water samples in Bartelah and Ain Safra catchments area NE of Mosul city have been studied through chemical analysis of (11) water samples to evaluate the quality of ground water to determine its suitability for domestic and agricultural uses. Physical and chemical parameters of ground water samples such as Ca, Na, Mg, K, HCO3, SO4, Cl, NO3, Ec, TDS, pH, and (TH) were determined. Ion concentration is found to be directly related to environmental and hydrogeologic features.
Chemical parameters were analyzed graphically by means of contour maps for Ca, Na, HCO3, SO4, Cl and Ec to illustrate the spatial distribution of chemical constituents of the ground water.
Piper diagram is also used to show the suitability, type and the geochemical evolution of ground water. Richard and Wilcox classifications are also used to show the suitability of ground water for irrigation. that most ground water samples falls in the field of doubtful to unsuitable for irrigation except samples 7, 8 and 9 which they are fell in the field of good to permissible for irrigation.
Interpretation of analytical data shows that mixed cations-SO4 type, mixed cation-HCO3 type and mixed Ca-Mg-Cl type are the dominant chemical faces. Ground water is generally hard, fresh to saline and low alkaline in nature.
Key words: Water quality, TDS, Cations, Anions, EC, Piper