This paper presents hardware implementation of least mean square (LMS) adaptive filter based Adaptive Noise Canceller (ANC) structure on FPGA using VHDL hardware description language. First, the adaptive parameters are obtained by simulating ANC on MATLAB. Second, the data, processed by FPGA, such as step size, input and output signals, desired signal, and coefficients of ANC, are exactly expressed into fixed-point data representation. Finally, the functions of FPGA-based system structure for such LMS algorithm in time sequence are synthesized, simulated, and implemented on Xilinx XC3S500E FPGA using Xilinx ISE 9.2i developing tool. The research results show that it is feasible to implement, on chip train, and use adaptive LMS filter based ANC in a single FPGA chip.
Keywords: Adaptive noise canceller, least mean square, FPGA, Adaptive FIR filter